Wednesday, May 26, 2010


For this 1 week, I don't feeling well. This is due to My swollen gum. I search in the internet about the reason why this swollen gum happen. If I not mistaken , the scientific name for swollen gum is gingivitis. I read the article in Wikipedia, Oh gosh, It really really scared me. When I saw the picture showing this gingivitis, It's look alike the one that I have but The different is my teeth is the one that we use to chew food. But, the one in the pic is the front teeth. It still scared me. Especially when I read that it will become more serious.

The reason why this gingivitis happen is because of plaque. For your information, during matriculation, my teeth already been repair by the dentist in Labuan. But somehow, it become painful like this again. The same teeth. So, I think , the swollen gum have nothing to do with teeth. I think my gum have a problem itself that I myself doesn't know what it is.

During my treatment at Labuan, the last treatment I receive, all my teeth have been clean by the dentist there. And I sure, there is not much plaque remain especially at the teeth that receive the treatment.

I can't imagine this painful feel come towards me again. I thought that after the treatment, I can enjoy my life without this swollen gum haunted me. Since I started my Matriculation, This swollen gum (gingivitis) keep haunted me until today. Oh. I hate this pain. It's make me difficult to chew food, Make my cheek more chubby and not balance.

Please pain. Go away. mltan100.blogspot.com

p/s: not much of smiley today. can't think so much.mltan100.blogspot.com

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fayfaraa said...

ado. tedah na. g jmpa dentist gk la.. :)

niesh™ said...

haha. tgu nya kin teruk. :)