Thursday, May 20, 2010

you && me 2nd episode :D

Last Monday.. I met him.. Aiyo.. He got new hair style.. It's great.. But, he say the hair cut doesn't match him.. Too short.. I don't care la.. Ngam ajak I tgk.. First, we went to buy movie ticket.. We want to watch A Nightmare On ElmStreet.. The movie show time is 1.15pm.. So,we went McD first.. I eat porridge.. & He eat BigMac.. We talk & talk.. Then we went to window shopping at Popular gk ya.. Haha.. Cukup time, we enter hall.. YEAH.. The movie is good.. Haha.. Difficult to Know the ending of the movie.. Then, we went to buy KOKOBERY.. He want double choc && Me double vanila.. HEHE.. Then, we go McD again.. We take away BigMac for his mom.. Finally, I ate again.. I ate at sugarbun.. My favourite meal.. CanoFish ka.. Me oso don't know.. hiii.. Have a nice day with him that day :D

lov him :D

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