Saturday, May 01, 2010


Today, I was going out with him.. Haha.. Firstly, We going to Taman Selera.. We thought that there is not a lot of people.. But, When we arrived there.. Fuishh.. Full of people.. I guess maybe today is Labour Day.. That's why Taman Selera full of people.. Most of them is family.. Maybe they having a family day :) Haha.. We didn't wasting our time there.. We just going to the jetty.. And then we going to Bintang Megamall... We plan to watching movie.. But somehow.. I feel like so angry with the *h*n*s* people there.. We queue to buy ticket but they just seluk2 inside the barisan because of they friend are there.. We cancel our plann for watching movie.. Then we go to eat at Singapore Chicken Rice.. Again.. We have wait also here.. Because we come during a peak time.. Lunch time.. Here again.. We knak potong again with the same r*** .. I feel like I want to burst and yell at them.. But, we have to bersabar.. We eat && eat.. Huii.. So kenyang.. I order 2 glass of water.. Hihi :) .. After that, we going back.. It just a few moment both us spent time together.. But, its mean a lot to me.. Because we often meet each other.. :D

p/s: We got no picture.. Sorry :D

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