Friday, February 26, 2010

scream out

Scream out
11:51 am Wednesday 17th February 2010
After 4 days holiday.. I feel that it not easy to wake up early in the morning.. its cold.. n I feel want to stay at my bed till afternoon.. but.. I got class that I have to attend.. (I skip my 1st lecture) I got ict class today.. n I think that this ict class is bored.. sit in front of pc without doing anything or studying anything.. on9 but I think or maybe the thing that I can search n find is something that doesn’t mean anything for me.. now.. I sit in front of my laptop.. playing games n count for the day that I will return to my home.. my place.. miri… I miss miri so much.. I already booked ticket for going back.. I really2 hope I can going back in same airplane with mr khaliq.. because after matriculation.. mr khaliq and me will jarang2 jumpa.. he stay at bintulu n me at miri.. I don’t have any relative at bintulu (I guess).. so, my family wouldn’t let me to go there by myself.. I cant imagine having a long distance relationship.. I’m trying to do my best.. I know its hard for me.. but I want to try.. because I really sayang mr khaliq.. sayang so much.. :D I know Mr khaliq will smiling2 if he read my post..

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